The In-Between is an interactive canvas for projection-mapped digital art. Strips of tulle draped in an intricate grid pattern create a world of multi-dimensional magic around you. 

The In-Between is the collaborative art baby of Anneka Mia and Sara Birns. It will debut June 16-19th at What the Festival in Dufur, Oregon.

25 Tulle Strips (150 feet)
25 Wood Poles
50 Interlocking PVC Pieces
Aerial Anchor Points (1 to 4 trees)
Sturdy Rope
Hours and Hours of Video Content

The In-Between is a bespoke design optimized for What the Fest party people to play in or lounge under.

However, the idea of projecting on a transparency grid is not new. Here are some of our favorite examples of work that has been done (and what we hope to emulate).

But what about during the day?

Glad you asked. The In-Between can be projected on from dusk until dawn...but when it is not being used as a canvas, the floating, breezy structure provides an ethereal daytime escape.

Here's our idea of what it'll look like.

Let's talk content.

We are a two-woman team with a combined background in graphic design, motion design, and art direction. In our free time we make and collect stuff: GIFs, animations, archival film mashups, and digital collages. 

We view the In-Between as an epic, immersive canvas to display digital art. We plan to create a running playlist of motion graphics that will entertain and captivate forest wanderers from sunset to sunrise. Think psychedelic and geometric patterns, galaxies, archival film, cinemagraphs, mermaids, desert mirages, tropical birds...hopefully something for everyone 😉

We are so incredibly excited.

Anneka and Sara